Technology Assessment

A Technology Assessment (TA) provides a valuable 3rd party overview of key information used throughout commercialization, product development and product launch. It is performed to evaluate the market potential and technology issues involved in a new innovation, usually prior to considering a major investment or strategic business decision.

The assessment can be customized for a specific need.It can be a full and detailed analysis, a mini evaluation of certain aspects (market conditions, competitors, global sales, etc), or a Quick Look™Assessment which may include primary one-on-one interviews with key end users, who can evaluate potential future trends.

A Quick Look™ Assessment is a smaller assessment used as an effective initial screening tool. It may be used:  a) As a rapid screening tool of a pool of technologies, in order to evaluate the most commercially viable with the greatest commercialization market potential, AND b) To quickly screen technologies with a broad shallow assessment, prior to a potential investment.  Rating assessments can generate a numerical ranking of the strengths of the findings, which gives a commercialization value score important to many clients.  This tool is most useful when deciding upon a "go" or "no-go" decision based on comparative rankings.

Technology Assessments may involve both primary and secondary market research to analyze and attempt to validate future markets and commercial viability of a new technology prior to major investments. They are used to learn both good and bad information for risk analysis, corporate planning and business development from different perspectives.   It is especially helpful with disruptive technologies when there are no current reference points due to the unique advancement of the new technology.

A customized assessment may take anywhere from 20 - 100+ hours, depending on the type and size of study, the technology and needs.

A Technology Assessment may provide a rating system based on findings and interpreted by the researcher. This numerical ranking of the findings leads to an overall 3rd Party Opinion and snapshot score of the commercialization potential of the technology based on current findings. This scoring evaluation may provide companies with areas that need improvement prior to seeking investors or it may provide risk parameters for an interested investor.