IP Gap or White Space Analysis

IP Gap or White Space Analysis

Needs Analysis or Gap Analysis is also referred to as a white space analysis, is used to make your patent stronger, or to look for additional innovation ideas.

A Gap Analysis is primarily performed to identify the unexplored gaps, holes, or "white spaces" in a technology area which has the potential for innovation. White spaces in a technology are identified after conducting a preliminary landscape study of the technology. Gap analysis enables a client to identify and exploit areas where R&D may be conducted for generating value and innovation.

In addition, gap analysis studies assist clients in understanding how to gain a competitive advantage, as well as develop a  strong marketing plan. This research is also done as a competitive analysis of competing patent claims.

Do you know where the gaps are in your own technology? Can your sales force clearly identify the intricate advantages to your competitor's technology?

Do you know the trend of R & D in your technology space? What are the big companies in your space working on?  Have they filed new patents you are unaware of?

Perhaps more importantly, do you know if YOUR competitors know where YOUR technology gaps are, which they may try to exploit for their own gain?? Are you certain you clearly know your value proposition? If so, do you know how long it will last?