Global Market Research

Disease Demographic, Focus Groups, or Medical Professionals


Caduceus Technology Partners, LLC provides research for innovation, business planning and disease demographics.

Do you need medical opinions of surgeons, specialists,  or other doctors, to validate a proof of concept, review a prototype design, or create a Medical Focus Group? Do you need a group of medical end-users to provide insight into your business plans? We can help.

We can organize Medical Focus Groups for patients, physicians, or other end users, to provide valuable business insights, for your new medical invention project needs.

We provide both Primary and Secondary research services.

PRIMARY Research is “new research”. This research is done to provide answers to questions around your particular exact needs. This type of research may include face-to-face meetings, personal interviews, specifically designed surveys, or even developing a pool of test subjects who ultimately provide statistically relevant answers to your specific need.

SECONDARY Research is research previously done by others, which is now published or in the public domain. This research information may come from reports in a library, the internet, published surveys, specialized journals, universities, corporate reports, or even governments. Digging for the information and organizing it is time consuming.

If you need research data directly from one-on-one medical interviews; or health demographic data to decide on which countries to launch a new technology; or to learn of medical technology regulatory approval requirements in emerging markets; or perhaps only data for investors to complete a marketing plan: WE CAN HELP.