Medical Device Invention Assistance,
Commercialization & Product Development


Commercializing medical device technologies requires a focused integration of many specialties. The coordination of various simultaneous projects is important for time and cost efficiency. And coordination of specialists is important to integrate their work into the overall needs of the project.

Medical product development requires global market planning for competitiveness, along with a deep understanding of medicine and the innovation process.

With advanced degrees in Medicine and Science & Technology Commercialization, we understand the unique needs of medical innovation and commercialization projects.  

Do you have an invention idea? Is it worth developing?

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  • Global Invention Assistance
  • Full or Mini Technology Assessments with  Rankings
  • VC Quality USA or EU Business Plans
  • Investor Presentation Pkgs
  • Licensing & Technology Valuations
  • Focus Groups & Field Studies
  • Physician Product Testing
  • EU Grant Writing & Planning
  • Network of Skilled Global Innovation Specialists
  • Medical Experts and Scientific Interviews

  • *Patent Drafting and Drawings
  • Patent Landscape Analysis
  • Patent Gap Analysis
  • Patent Claim Mapping Comparisons
  • Competitive IP & Technology Analysis
  • Prior Art , Novelty and Publication searches
  • Freedom To Operate Research
  • Global Health Demographics
  • Global Disease Demographic Research
  • Global Technology Market Analysis
  • MEDICAL DEVICE Invention Assistance
  • INTERNATIONAL Assistance & Partnering
  • Commercialization Planning
  • Proof of Principle & Concept
  • Validation Testing
  • Contract Project Management
  • Strategic Planning of business, legal, product, testing, regulatory, etc
  • Engineering Prototype & Professional Team Development
  • Coordination & Oversight  of all Professionals
         and Milestones
  • TOTAL Project Management from Idea Concept, patent, engineering, product
         development - to startup ready

  • FDA Class I and II Medical Devices
  • FDA 510Ks
  • International Cost Containment Choices
  • Computer validation compliance
  • Manufacturing  relationships
  • Clinical Trial oversight in USA for International Clients
  • GLOBAL FDA Clinical Trial Assistance  & Notified Body Relationships

*Caduceus Technology Partners, LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal opinions of any kind. Read Disclaimer below.

We work closely with international clients as their USA partner, to bridge business and cultural gaps, providing various innovation services, strategic planning, troubleshooting and oversight of product development, so your technology is prepared to negotiate an Exit.

We are dedicated to cost efficiency and integrity of the commercialization process.

Our coordinated services will save you time, money and maximize your end rewards.