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Do you need Cost Efficient and Lower Cost Patent related Services? We offer affordable low cost patent research and patent analytics to help you control costs.

Caduceus Technology Partners offers many cost efficient patent analytics  IP and research services for entrepreneurs.

We work closely with our patent team, to coordinate needs during customized technology and commercialization process.

In the USA, a new invention MUST meet  3 criteria in order to be granted a patent.  It must be:

      1.    Novel
      2.    Useful  (have a utility)
      3.    Non-Obvious

Strategic patent research is a necessity of innovation. You MUST know your market, the IP space, and your competition well.

Some of our patent research services include

(*please read our patent services disclaimer below)

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Since technology innovation is continuous, early research in your space provides information which will help patent drafting.  During fund raising and product development, you must know your competitor's products as well as your own, to design around them and to explain your competitive advantage. Also, research providespotential licensees, or buyers of your technology.

Later you may want to exploit gaps found in the IP space to expand your own product ideas.  Patent Research is also important prior to negotiating a sell or license, and prior to launching your product into a new region. Low Cost Patent Research gives you many more research options to compete with larger companies.

Strategic planning with patent research provides valuable information throughout the product development and commercialization cycle.

Our goal is to offer cost efficient Patent and Global Research Services so you can contain costs, have access to the same research as major companies, and stay up to date with innovation trends in your industry space.


*PATENT SERVICES DISCLAIMER:  Caduceus Technology Partners, LLC (Caduceus) provides legal and patent research services in association with highly trained  technical patent researchers, attorneys, and professional Patent Agents licensed (when required) to practice before specific geographic patent offices which may include: USPTO, EPO, IPO and others around the globe, in conjunction with commercialization specialist. Caduceus is not a law firm and does not provide legal opinions or legal advice. None of our work or comments should be considered as legal advice or opinions.Caduceus is a commercialization firm and provides services for strategic business planning, commercialization assistance, educational, and research purposes only. Independent specialists may be hired for the benefit of our clients. Consult a licensed attorney of your choice, when requiring or seeking any and all legal advice, legal representation, or legal opinions.